Importers. Shop owned by Yee Chong WingChan Fook-On and then Chin Ting. Listed in Wises Post Office Directory, the earliest reference is in the 1892 edition at 33 Manners Street.[1] There was another store located in Masterton.[2]

The store was the target of an attempted break-in on 29 August 1895.[3]

In the 27 November 1896 edition of the Evening Post, the store advertised a one month "Great Clearing Sale of Drapery, Boots, &C."[4]

Yee Chong Wing was fined in 1917 for selling fruit (to Maori) from his Masterton store on a Sunday.

Renamed Te Aro Seed Company in the 1910s[5], although the name Yee Chong Wing was still also used up until at least 1949.[6]


Intersection of Herbert and Manners Streets, Wellington, 1908. Shows Sun Kwong Lee & Co, fruiterers, on the right and Yee Chong Wing & Co, importers, in the centre. Taken by an unidentified photographer.

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