Frederick Street, along with nearby Haining Street, were the central points of the early Chinese community in Wellington (Often referred to as the "Celestial Quarter", "Chinatown" or "Chinese Quarter").

Several significant buildings and organisations were located here, including the Chinese Anglican Mission Church Hall (Home of the Chinese Anglican Church Mission from 1905 to 1956) and the Tung Jung Association.

Chee Kung Tong Chinese Freemasons


Chee Kung Tong Chinese Freemasons procession, Frederick Street, Wellington. Chung, Doris :Photograph of Chinese Freemasons in Frederick Street, Wellington, 1924 :Photograph showing a group outside the Embassy of the Republic of China, Wellington, 1920s. Ref: 1/2-169003-F. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand. /records/22792532

 Frederick Street in the news

New Zealand Truth:

Frederick Street Fracas (29 March 1913)



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