In the early days of Chinese settlement in Wellington, they generally settled in the area encompassing Haining and Frederick Streets [1], colloquially known to by the Pākeha community as the "Celestial Quarter"[2] "Chinatown[3] or "Chinese Quarter"[4][5]

The area gained a notorious reputation for being "a Chinese-infested pit of opium and gambling"[6] and home to "white slave traders"[7], although in 1896, Police Inspector Doyle wrote: "In some of the houses opium was being smoked and gambling was going on ... [but] I must say that I visit these places at least once every month and I have seen nothing whatever to justify the sensational rumours that ... Chinese houses are dens of infamy."[6]

Author Alison Wong's fictional novel "As the Earth Turns to Silver" provides a fictional account of life for Chinese living and working in and around Wellington's Chinatown during the early 1900s.[8]

This area is considered by the Wellington City Council as significant to Wellington's heritage[9], however only three original 'Chinatown' buildings remain, all on Frederick Street[7], these being:

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