Chinese Sports. (1922, October 11). Evening Post, p. 11. Retrieved from


There was an attendance of between two and three hundred at the Republic of China celebrations at Athletic Park yesterday afternoon. The proceedings wore opened with the singing of the Chinese National Song, and this was followed by several addresses. The Chinese Consul (Mr. Li Kwong Hang) delivered the following message:—

"To-day is the double tenth festival. It is an anniversary day of the establishment of the Republic of China. Therefore the Chinese assemble here to celebrate this glorious day. I believe all Chinese feel happy to-day, but at the same time we must remember those heroes who sacrificed their lives for the establishment of the Republic; also the achievements of the great politicians. We must also understand that this is the 11th year of the Republic of China. It is like a boy 11 years of age, and we must take good care of it. We should have no difference between political parties, but must unite as one, love our country, and use our talents and wealth to enable China to become powerful and prosperous. I hope this day will become as famous and glorious as the 4th of July is in America."

Several other speakers on similar lines were Messrs. Chin Ting, chairman of the Chinese Association; Chung Tak, president of the Masonic Society; and Wong Tong, president of the Nationalist Party.

Following the addresses a number of sports events were held. The entries were not large, the majority of the Chinese preferring to remain spectators. The results were:—Small boys.: Ning Yue 1, Wong Keng .2,- three-legged: Wong Chuch Nam and Law Fow 1; sack race: Law Kum Chen 1, Ning Yue 2: 100 yds: Ngan Wah 1, Yeung Kum 2; old men's walking race: Ah Lung 1, Ma Thew 2; girls: Lily Wong Tong 1, Ida Wong Tong 2; bicycle: George Chang 1, Tan Choy 2.

At the conclusion of the events the winners were presented with prizes, the Chinese Consul officiating.

  1. Chinese Sports. (1922, October 11). Evening Post, p. 11. Retrieved from


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